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allspark - pushin' tanks

19.08.2010, 13:17
barracks on 12 and i be scoutin to check
when im terran you best know what to expect
im goin marines, marauders, and a bunch of mech
im headin to your base its gonna get wreck'd
surprisingly, you decided to attack me
though you failed to see tanks on teh ledge and a couple banshees
and now you retreat
take this time to consider gg
but you still decided to play on
and i did wish you luck and to have fun
so, wont hate on that cause gas is what i lack
expanding again all while I attack
mutalisks tryn to harrass my economy
sensor tower and stimpack marines,
please dont waste your mutas cause ill wax em with ease
thought you knew this aint no silver league
my micro is key, i watch your mutas flee
i continue pushin while i macro beautifully
rally point set, and im willin to bet
youll leave the game
once my vikings and your overlords have met
but i beg, dont rage quit,
jus cause a couple of hellions wont let your base sit
if ya didnt, then consider this a tip
get a nydus so you can, try and defend-a little bit
against toss now so i gotta change the cut
scouting your base and seems im just in luck
saw a 2 gate, so my depots go up
got my reaper on rally but he always gets stuck
harassin till i see a cybernetics core
and you know by that time got hellions at your door
thinkin about leavin cuz your is economy sore
transition into an expo, while im leavin you poor
thats the goal here, do you want more?
raven hits the field, youve seen all before
turret drop on probes is hardly a chore
please dont make me do this, im gettin kind of bored
youve made it to the midgame, find some direction
runnin out of options. i got stealth detection,
cant go stalkers, defense drone deflection
tryin void rays? see my infantry selection
Immortals, temps, and sentries got an issue
my cloaked ghosts ready to snipe and emp you
and my tanks sieged up with shells ready to rain through
even got vikings if colossi come too
so you may ask whats a protoss player to do
the answer is evident, you should choose terran too
just prepare for all the babies who try to argue
cryin all day just denyin what they know is true
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