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Rob Hustle - Terrans OP

19.08.2010, 13:21
Ask the Toss in this motherfucker
Terran's OP. Terran's OP. Terran's OP.
Ask the Zerg in this motherfucker
Terran's OP. Terran's OP. Terran's OP.
yeah i think terran's op, bitch i said it
everybody here knows its true so just admit
dont try to make it my fault, say that i aint got skill,
you shouldn't have to be a pro to beat got damn build
tell me why the fuck i need to tech to t2+
just to beat a fuckin 3 rax t1 push
I gotta make foe (4) buildings just to get HT's
you dodge my psi storm
but I can't dodge yo EMPs
little bitches do what you want
while i got to pull out my hair
tryna figure out how you techin
you know even you hate the mirror
gotta have the best ground to ground
gotta have the best air to air
gotta have the least set of skills
to get into diamond oh yeah
i think its funny you pussies go-and-hide behind big walls
lookin at these little dick bitches tryna-go and make big balls [editor: bio balls]
What Terran needs is a nerf
and-i-think-that zerg needs a buff
but i rep the protoss forever
so tho yo toss hands up
You know you OP.
Just don't be.
So damn gay.
Sendin shouts out to g-n-the-i-a to the L
for the fast build to void ray
Hail the king of the beta i-d-the-r-a
cuz he speak truth, he re-fuse to not say
that the T-race is i-m-the-b-a
up in sc2 one race is too gay
so if your race starts with T
guess what you play?
Rob Hustle all up in this.
Terran's, I'm putting you on notice. You're OP.
Fuck h-to the usky husky.
You sound like a d-to the umbass, dumbass
Day 9 for life.
Special shouts out to TeamLiquid.Net
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